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Ynote Snippets

Ynote has support for Code Snippets and keywords which automatically popup as Auto-Complete items. To Edit the Ynote Snippet for a Language. Choose the Language and Click on Tools->Create New->Snippet.

A Snippet can be inserted when the Auto-Complete Menu pop ups / Pressing Ctrl + K and then choosing the required snippet and press Enter / TAB.

Where are the located ?

All the Snippets files are located in %appdata%\Ynote_Classic\Snippets\{LanguageName}.ynotesnippet where {LanguageName} is the name of the Language (eg- PHP.ynotesnippet)

Editing the Snippet File.

A Snippet file is like





The Snippet Node contains the code snippets and the Keyword node contains the Keywords for the Language. A ynotesnippet file can contain as many Snippets and keywords as you like.

The Snippet Node

Represents where the cursor will be placed when the snippet is inserted.

\r\n Represents NewLine as in (C++/C)

The Keyword Node

Just Enter the word.

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