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Ynote Plugins

Ynote Plugins help extend Ynote Classic. Plugins are loaded from the $ynotedata directory, which is - 

Portable - \..\User\Plugins

Setup - %appdata%\Ynote_Classic\Plugins

Plugins can be installed using the Package Manager if the Plugin is made into a Ynote Package using the Package Maker. Else, you can install by copying the Plugin dll file to the Plugins Directory.

Creating Plugins

Plugins can be created using C#, VB.NET or any other .NET Language. The needed References are -

  1. Ynote Classic
  2. FastColoredTextBox
  3. DockContent
  4. System.ComponentModel.Composition.dll (mef)

To make a plugin make sure that - 

  • Inheriting IYnotePlugin interface
  • Adding the InheritedExport attribute
  • TargetFramework to .NET 3.5

See Plugin Sample here.

Example - 

 using System;

 using System.ComponentModel.Composition;

 namespace HelloPlugin



      public class MyPlugin : IYnotePlugin


         public void Main(IYnote ynote)





IYnote Interface Members - 

  • OpenFile (string name) : Void
  • SaveEditor (Editor edit) : Void
  • CreateNewDoc() : Void
  • Menu: MainMenu of Ynote
  • Panel : The DockPanel

For more information, contact or see Ynote's Source Code here.

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