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Ynote Packages

Ynote Packages are a collection of Scripts, Plugins, Themes, Macros, Syntax Files, Snippets or any other thing that extends Ynote classic. Packages are supported after v 2.7

Installing Packages

Packages can be installed using the Package Manager found in the Tools-> Package Manager menu. To Install a package, click on the Install New Package button and browse the package file (.ypk) and the package will be installed.

Uninstalling Packages

Packages can be uninstalled using the Package Manager. Select the Package you want to remove and click Uninstall Selected.

Creating Packages

Ynote Packages can be created using the "Create Package" Button in the Package Manager. This shows a dialog known as the "Package Maker" -


  1. Specify the Output file ( the resulting package )
  2. Add Files to your package and specify the directory where they will be installed ( Directory Only )

Package Variables

  • $ynotedir - The Directory where ynote is installed
  • $ynotedata - Ynote's App-Data Directory / User Directory (Portable Version)

Some Useful Out Locations

Themes Directory $ynotedata\Themes
Syntaxes Directory $ynotedata\Syntaxes
Plugins Directory $ynotedata\Plugins
Macros Directory $ynotedata\Macros
Scripts Directory $ynotedata\Scripts
RunScripts Directory $ynotedata\RunScripts
Snippets Directory $ynotedata\Snippets

** Tip : To Add a reference to a script or plugin, use the outlocation as $ynotedir\ and ask the user to install the package as Admin

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