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Welcome to Ynote Basics Help Page.

This will guide you throw the basics of Ynote Classic. To find something, use your browser's Find Function or simply use the Search Documentation and Wiki feature.

Creating a New Document

A new Document can be created using the File -> New Menu or using the "File:New" command or simply pressing the Ctrl + N key.

Opening a File

File can be opened using the File -> Open Menu in Ynote Classic or using the command or simply pressing the Ctrl + O key. The encoding is automatically detected.

If you want to specify the Encoding, use the File->Open With Encoding - > {Encoding} Menu

Saving a Document

Ynote Classic saves the document using the File -> Save Menu in Ynote Classic.

Documents can also be saved by using the "File:Save" command or the Ctrl + S key. Ynote Classic can also "Save to specefic file" using the  File->Save As menu or by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + S keys.

You can also save all the documents opened in it by using the File->Save All menu


Ynote Classic supports WYSIWYG ( What you see is what you get) printing. A document can be printed using the Ctrl + P key or the File->Print Menu. The configurations can be configured from the dialog shown or using the Page Setup menu.

Editing Text

All the File Editing options can be found in the Edit Menu and have shortcuts for them. More commands can be found in the Shortcut Mapper.

Tab Alignment

Ynote Supports 2 Tab modes. Top and Bottom. Tabs can be shown on Top of the document or at the Bottom of the document. This can be changed using the Options Window.


Ynote supports powerful wordwrap. 4 Types of word wrap are supported ->

  • WordWrapControlWidth    -> Wraps word to the end of Ynote Classic
  • WordWrapPrefferedWidth -> Wraps word to the Vertical Line of your preferred width(if present)
  • CharWrapControlWidth    -> Wraps characters to the end of Ynote Classic
  • CharWrapPrefferedWidth -> Wraps characters to the Vertical line of your preferred width(if present)

The type of wordwrap can be changed by using the Options Window from Tools->Options


Bookmarks can be added using the Edit->Bookmarks->Add command or simply pressing Ctrl + B. Bookmarks can be removed using the Edit->Bookmarks->Remove command or simply pressing Ctrl + Shift + B. There is also a command present in the toolbar for these operations. To Navigate between the bookmarks, you can use the "Go To Bookmark" dropdown or pressing Ctrl + Shift + N or the Bookmark Manager.

Split View

Ynote allows users to work in split view. By Default, the split is to the right side of the main document. You can change it by dragging it to another position. To toggle a split view, Press the View->Split Menu or simply press the F7 key.

Full Screen Mode

Ynote Supports Full Screen mode. To toggle full screen mode, simply press the F11 key.

Hidden Characters

To view hidden characters, simply press the View->Hidden Characters menu. It shows the spaces, tabs and line endings of the documents. Changes will take place after Restart.

That's all for the basics. See more here.

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