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The Project Manager

Ynote Classic has a powerful project manager. It can open multiple projects at one and can perform varios File/IO operations like Rename File, Directory / Add New File / Delete etc.


Img 1 : Managing a Project

Creating a New Project

A new project can be created using the "Project->New Project" Menu in the Project Manager.

Name : The Name of your Project

File Name : The Path and File-name of your project file.

Folder : The folder which contains all the project files / Create a new folder and add files to that.

Build.bat : The file that is executed on click the Project -> Build Project -> {Project Name} menu

** The Project is saved automatically.

Managing a Project

A Project can be opened using the Project->Open Project Menu. This shows all the project files in a Tree below it. All the Operations can be accessed by Right-Clicking a directory, a file or the Main Project Node.

Running / Building a Project

If you specified a Build.bat file, you can build / run the Project using the Project - > Build Project -> {Project Name} menu. Or, you can create a RunScript for the project and execute it using the RunDialog or using the Commander's Command "Run:{file}".

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