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Ynote Classic is an easy to use, open and versatile Text Editor and Source Code Editor. It can deal with a variety of tasks ranging from writing to programming.


Ynote Classic is packed with features. Some Features are

  • Syntax Highlighting,Code Folding, Auto Indent and AutoCompletion
  • Multiple Carets and Multiple Selections
  • Find / Replace using Regular Expressions
  • Tabbed Document and MultiView and SDI both, Dockable Windows
  • Macro Recording and Playback
  • Snippets and Scripts
  • Powerful Project Management and Build System
  • Unlimited/Multi Level undo/redo
  • Extensible with Plugins, Syntax Files, Themes and Scripts.


Ynote Classic Supports Packages. These can be collections of YnoteScripts, Themes , Syntax Files, Macros, Snippets, RunScripts or Plugins. Package extend Ynote considerably and unleash its full potential and power. Packages can be created using the Package manager. For more information see the documentation section.

Source Code

The Latest Ynote Classic source code can be found at Github here whereas all the Binary Releases are found here at Codeplex.


You can all contribute towards building Ynote by - 

  • Building a Ynote Package which can contain Themes, Syntax Files, Plugins, Macros, Scripts etc. If you have made a package, please tell me on the Discussions page.
  • Creating a Pull Request at Github.
  • Submitting Bug Reports
  • Telling about this to your friends !!

Awards and Recognition



Ynote Classic has been declared one of the top 5 notepad alternatives on cybernetz. You can read the full article here.


Anybody can join the project and modify the source code as per his needs. You can create Syntax Highlighting files or submit them. Like us on facebook at

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