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Working With and Creating Ynote Themes

Ynote supports themes for Text and Source Code Editing. They beautify code. Themes can be found here at Ynote Plugins project. Please share your theme if your create one.

Importing Themes

Themes can be imported using the Settings->Import->Color Scheme.

Then, the theme will be copied to the \Themes folder and you need to restart ynote. Once restarted, Select Settings->Color Scheme->{your theme}. Add a new document to see your theme.

Building Themes

Every color scheme inherits the IYnoteTheme interface which you can see here.

Every Theme needs to inherit the IYnoteThemeExtension interface. See Below :

 public interface IYnoteThemeExtension {   

    string Name { get; }  

    string Author { get; }  

    IYnoteTheme Theme { get; }


Every Theme is a class library stored in the {ynotedir}\Themes Directory. One can contain as many themes as wanted. 


To see an example of a theme, see the SS.Ynote.Classic.Themes project here.

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