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The Commander

What Exactly Is the Commander ?

The commander is a tool for quick access to various commands inside the program as quickly as possible.
Accessing commands from the Menu takes time. Shortcuts made this process easier, why not commands ? What if you are down with all the shortcut keys. There comes the requirement of "Commands".

How do I use it ?

The commander can be opened by selecting the Tools->Commander menu and typing the Command.
A better way to do it is using the Ctrl+Shift+P Shortcut keys and typing the command.

Command Syntax

A command has a simple syntax. It has 2 values. A "keyword" and a "value". See below - 

{keyword} : {value}

Each command has a keyword and its value.

Command List

Below a list of frequently used Commander commands. All the values can be found using the intelligent Auto-Complete feature provided in the Commander.

SetSyntax:{Language} Set the Syntax for the Current Document
SetSyntaxFile:{File} Set tyhe Syntax for Current Document from a Syntax Definition File
File:{c} Various Operations like new file, open file , show file properties, close etc.
Navigate:{c} Navigate inside the Document
Bookmarks:{c} Various Operations for managing bookmarks.
CodeFolding:{c} Various Operations related to code folding
Indent:{c} Various Operations related to indenting
Line:{c} Some Line Operations.
Macros:{c} Various macro operations (record, stop, save etc)
Macro:{file} Run a Macro {file}.ymc from ynote's Macros folder
Script:{file} Run a Script {file}.ys from ynote's Scripts folder
Run:{file} Run a RunScript {file}.runfrom ynote's RunScripts folder
Google:{term} Search google for {term}
Wikipedia:{term} Search wikipedia for {term}
ProcStart:{file} Starts the {file} process. eg - ProcStart:cmd
Console:Close} Closes the Commander/Esc key

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