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Syntax Highlighting

Ynote Classic supports intelligent syntax highlighting and autocompletion for more than 35 language and support for 

Syntax Highlighting

To switch Between syntax highlighting, use the View->Syntax Highlight->{your language} command. 

Ynote Classic has  30 inbuilt Syntax Highlighting Schemes. Custom Schemes can be added. 

Ynote Supports use of FastcoloredTextBox supported XML file for syntax highlighting. You need to create an xml file for syntax highlighting and save it to the '{ynotepath}\Highlighters' directory. You can also share your Syntax Highlighting File on the Resources site ->

The file may contain information about styles, rules of syntax highlighting, folding parameters and brackets.
Below is a list of valid tags and attributes to them:

  • <doc>...</doc> - root XML node.
  • <brackets left="..." right="..." left2="..." right2="..." /> - sets the brackets for highlighting
  • <style name="..." color="..." backColor="..." fontStyle="..." /> - sets the style called name. Tag <style> creates only styles of type TextStylecolor and backColor determine foreground and background color. Allowed as a string color name or hex representation of the form #RGB or #ARGB.fontStyle - enumeration of FontStyle parameters.
    The sequence tags <style> determines the order of rendering these styles.
  • <rule options="...">regex pattern</rule> - sets rule of highlighting. style - style name described in the tags <style>options - enumeration of RegexOptions parameters. The contents of the tag - regex pattern for highlighting.
  • <folding start="..." finish="..." options="..."> - specifies the rules for folding. start and finish set regular expressions to the beginning and end of the block. options - enumeration of RegexOptions parameters.

An example of HTML Highlighting


    <brackets left="&lt;right="&gt;"/>

    <style name="Maroon"color="Maroon"fontStyle="Bold,Italic"/>

    <style name="Blue" color="Blue"/>

    <rule style="Blue">&lt;|/&gt;|&lt;/|&gt;</rule>

    <rule style="Maroon">&lt;(?&lt;range&gt;[!\w\d]+)</rule>

    <rule style="Maroon">&lt;/(?&lt;range&gt;[\w\d]+)&gt;</rule>

    <folding start="&lt;div"finish="&lt;/div&gt;"options="IgnoreCase"/>



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